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By: Tiffany Woods


Gaining and losing weight seemed to be an unhealthy pattern for Ranea Joyce. Sometimes she was fit. Sometimes she wasn’t. And as her weight fluctuated—so did her self-confidence. Not only was Ranae concerned about her appearance but she was also worried about her health. She had a family history of heart disease. Doctors feared she could be at risk because of her unhealthy eating habits. Ranae had gained 60 pounds over the years, she wasn’t exercising and she felt horrible. But then she turned 50 and everything changed. Ranea, a mother of two, realized that she needed to make taking care of herself a priority.

She made a commitment to change her eating habits and incorporate exercise into her regular routine. She says, “I drink tons of water and chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables have become a staple part of my diet.” Most days you can find her at the Homestead Y lifting weights or burning calories in a spinning class. “The staff at the Y is so friendly. They make me want to come back. They encourage me to reach my fitness goals. When instructors at the Y tell me how good I look and remind me of the progress I’m making, it motivates me to keep pushing forward.” Ranae says.

It has been 9 months of healthy living for Ranea, and she hasn’t looked back. Her mindset has changed, so even when she has a bad day, the commitment to exercise is still there. Doctors have been amazed by her transformation. The changes are keeping her heart healthy and she’s on the right path to preventing heart disease. Ranae has dropped the extra weight, and picked up a new, happier, healthier outlook on life.

What are you doing to keep your heart healthy, please share your comments with us?

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