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100 Years

It only takes one person to change a life: YMCA of South Florida celebrates 100 years of changing lives

Rejection. It’s a word NBC Anchor Hoda Kotb was all too familiar with when she was trying to land her first job in television. She was repeatedly told that she wasn’t good enough.  She recalls driving across the country, hoping one station would give her an opportunity. It seemed like that day would never come. …


By: Tiffany Woods

Spirit of Volunteerism

An Army Veteran Involved in the YMCA Calls on Community to Embrace Spirit of Volunteerism

Every week, you’ll find Alexandre Neves volunteering and helping children with their homework at the North Pointe YMCA. He embraces the Y mission of social responsibility and dedicates many hours to giving back to his community. He also believes in serving his country. It was shortly after 9/11 when Alexandre says he felt a strong…


By: Tiffany Woods

Sally Brevig’s Story

Listen to Your Body—What You Learn Can Possibly Save Your Life

Her body was telling her something was wrong. It was a persistent pain in Sally Brevig’s left arm that caused her some concern. But the 20-year fitness instructor and mother of two says she didn’t think it could be serious because she was an overall healthy person. She had a mammogram done. Nothing. Well, just…


By: Tiffany Woods

A Pink Tea Party Celebrating Survival

When Linda Burrowes turned 49 years old, she received a birthday present that would ultimately save her life—a mammogram. Linda says procrastination, work, and adversities had gotten in the way of her getting a mammogram. Thankfully, Linda’s friend stepped in and made getting the screening exam a priority. The results of the mammogram revealed she…


By: Tiffany Woods