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A Pink Tea Party Celebrating Survival

When Linda Burrowes turned 49 years old, she received a birthday present that would ultimately save her life—a mammogram. Linda says procrastination, work, and adversities had gotten in the way of her getting a mammogram. Thankfully, Linda’s friend stepped in and made getting the screening exam a priority. The results of the mammogram revealed she…



Robert Hill: Outgrowing Childhood Obesity

A radical transformation

Meet Robert Hill. He has a remarkable story to tell about childhood obesity. Robert knows firsthand the medical risks that come with being overweight because he grew up that way. Before he turned 17, Robert struggled with serious medical issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. It was a difficult childhood for him. Weighing nearly…


By: Tiffany Woods

It’s Time to Press Play and Get Kids Active

Help Stop Childhood Obesity

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Many children who are overweight or obese don’t even realize it. If left unchecked, obesity can cause some serious problems, both physically and emotionally. That’s why the YMCA of South Florida is launching a new fall campaign called “Press Play.” The Y wants you and your family to be…


By: Tiffany Woods