Alex is a longtime South Dade YMCA member who visits our facility daily. All of the staff know him and he is a volunteer coach for the U12 boys’ basketball league. Whether he is engaged in a Spin class for cardio exercise or working out to his own personal fitness program, Alex is always full of energy and has words of wisdom for those who will listen.

Alex was asked what he attributes to the success of his recent weight loss and what keeps him coming to the YMCA for so many years? He explained that he teleworks from home, “So the Y serves as my home office where I can come every day and be greeted by friendly familiar faces that treat me like family. There is a great sense of community and familiarity here, and I thrive on that daily to break my routine. I like the message the YMCA portrays to always improve yourself through exercise and wellbeing.”

A very accomplished Tri-Athlete, Alex competed until his knee injury which over time cost him the loss of the cartilage in his right knee. He believes, “You don’t stop exercising because you’re injured. You give yourself time to heal, then change your routine to strengthen the areas around the injury. This way you still stick with your regimen, but change your routine to fit what your body can handle.”

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