At The Y All Year ‘Round

At The Y All Year ‘Round

If you’re wondering “Where is there a gym near me that has amenities for my entire family,” the YMCA of South Florida has everything you’re looking for and more, including top-notch exercise facilities and programs for people of all ages. Busy parents can drop off their kids while they go work out, giving the whole family an opportunity to improve their physical health.

Health and Wellness Gym Near Me

All Y members, including kids and adults, are encouraged to meet with a healthy lifestyle wellness coach for a complimentary Wellness Orientation.
This gives you an opportunity to have a professional guide you on how to use our strength and cardiovascular equipment at the gym safely and effectively, as well as determine which exercise programs we offer that are best suited to your physical needs and goals.
Much more than just a gym near you, the Y offers low-impact exercise and chair classes, stretching and strength training, indoor cycling, water exercise, yoga, and more. Our aim is to exercise your entire body for optimum physical health and mental well-being.

After School Programs

The YMCA of South Florida is the largest provider of after school programs in South Florida, offering a wide range of activities from athletics and creative activities to inclusion programs for children with special needs.
Our priorities are safety and positivity to ensure children have a welcoming place to enjoy after school. The Y’s trained staff can help children with homework, offer tutoring, and lead group activities, such as sports, games, and arts and crafts.
The Y also offers specialty programs, including dance teams and martial arts instruction so children can learn teamwork and improve their physical coordination.
We also understand that children have growing appetites and that’s why we provide healthy snacks for everyone participating in our after school programs.
At the Y’s after school programs, we take care of your children.


Decades of research has shown that children who attend preschool are better prepared for kindergarten than those who don’t. This can result in better academic performance as the child progresses through his or her education, making preschool an invaluable opportunity for academic and personal enrichment.

At the YMCA of South Florida’s preschool program, children take part in a variety of fun and educational activities that foster their social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development.

Intellectual and physical prowess are the pillars of the Y’s preschool program. Your child will take part in academic activities, such as literacy, math, science, social studies, technology and the arts. They will also get plenty of exercise and physical development via programs such as dance, karate, gymnastics, soccer, and more, such as swimming lessons with our professional, certified instructors.

A positive preschool experience can set the stage for your child’s academic life and set them up for a successful and enriching transition to kindergarten and elementary school.

Youth Sports

Playing sports is one of the best ways for children to learn teamwork, physical coordination, and self-esteem. In addition, studies have shown that participation in youth sports can lead to improved academic performance. The discipline and dexterity one learns in sports can be applied to the classroom, leading to higher test scores and better overall academic success.

At the YMCA of South Florida, we offer a wide range of sports taught by experienced coaches, staff, and volunteers who are skilled in teaching youth sports in a safe and fun way.
Some of the sports programs we offer throughout our South Florida locations include basketball, flag football, gymnastics, martial arts, soccer, swimming, tee ball, and volleyball.
With youth sports at the Y, your child will learn invaluable skills and form positive relationships with teammates in a safe and nurturing environment.


The aquatics program at the YMCA of South Florida offers an incredible opportunity to learn swimming in a safe environment. Our professional, certified instructors offer swimming lessons for all ages and skill levels, including beginners just learning the basics and more skilled swimmers interested in competitive swimming.
Adults are encouraged to participate in our water fitness class, which is a fantastic cardio and strength conditioning workout that is easy on the joints and a refreshing respite from the Florida heat. From burning calories to reducing blood pressure and toning muscle, a water fitness class is one of the best workouts you can get.
Youth swimmers interested in joining our swim team can choose our recreational program, which is a great way to improve their swimming skills. And those interested in competing can try out for our Barracudas swim team, which competes at the regional level.
From a fun workout to a fun and competitive experience, the Y’s aquatics program offers swimmers of all skill levels to enjoy the wonderful health benefits of swimming.


The YMCA of South Florida offers one of the best gymnastics programs in the state. Our experienced instructors teach everything from the basics to get your child started to more advanced techniques. There’s also a Parent & Tot tumbling class where you and your child can learn gymnastics together.
Gymnastics is a fun and effective way to improve balance, coordination, and strength. Competence in gymnastics can lead to improved performance in other sports, dancing, and even better posture.
Children who learn the fundamentals will have the option of trying out for competitive gymnastics and the chance to compete at the regional, state, and even national level. Our instructors regularly take students to national championship competitions – an incredible learning experience for any child.
Whether your child is just learning how to tumble or perfecting their round-off back handspring, the Y has a gymnastics program for you.

This program is offered at our Greater Hollywood YMCA gym & family center location. Click here for more information.

Special Needs and Inclusion Programs

At the YMCA of South Florida, all children are welcome to participate in our programs. That’s why we’ve developed several programs designed specifically for children with special needs.
From learning basic life skills and improving literacy, to enhancing understanding of STEAM through project-based learning, the Y takes inclusion seriously and makes sure all children can have a supportive environment to learn.
With the guidance of caring, professional instructors and volunteers, we create an optimum mix of structure and comfort to support learning and an overall positive experience.

Family Time At The YMCA Gym & Family Center

When we say the YMCA is for the whole family, we mean it. In addition to our wide range of programs and activities for individuals, we also offer several family time activities for you to spend quality time with your loved ones.
From outdoor activities like camping to indoor recreation like swimming, cooking, and arts and crafts, the Y’s programs create an opportunity for families to learn and bond with each other and other families.

Bring your whole family to the Y for a fun and enriching experience where you can learn and form new friendships. Find a YMCA location near you.