Afterschool Care At The Y

Afterschool Care at the Y

The morning rush of sandwich packing, backpack checks and dragging your kids out of bed makes its way as the new school year begins. It’s time to start thinking about where your child will be spending their days after school. The YMCA offers afterschool care programs that include a wide variety of activities that will keep your child productive and having fun.

Why the Y

For years the YMCA has been committed to building confident and secure children in all areas of life. Youth development is one of the three areas of focus at the YMCA, because we believe every child’s potential deserves to be nurtured and developed. Your child will have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive through community involvement only found at the Y. Our afterschool care programs offer activities that include:

• Academic Enrichment/Homework Help
• Leadership Development
• Healthy Snacks
• Arts
• Sports
• Fitness

Youth development activities are controlled in a safe, supervised environment and are guaranteed to help further develop the children of today, to become better grown-ups tomorrow. Many children are also involved in various team sports, drama, aquatics and more. These programs are weaved into the afterschool activities, meaning your child will arrive home with their homework done and ready for bed!

Sense of Community

Becoming part of the YMCA family through the afterschool care program opens the door to a community of friends in your child’s life. Children meet students from various schools in the area and will always have a network of friends because of their involvement in the YMCA. Additionally, many locations offer school pick-up. Our buses can pick up your child at their school and take them to the YMCA where they’ll join the other students for after-school fun.

The Y has locations all over South Florida, including: Homestead, Greater Hollywood, South Dade, Weston, and more. Click here to learn more about our Afterschool Child Care and the various programs offered at the YMCA of South Florida. Help your child become their best selves here at the YMCA.