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The YMCA of South Florida is a Champion for all people. Every day, the Y works to strengthen the foundations of our community by addressing critical needs. The fight for equity and justice is no different. The Y is taking a stand against racism and injustice.

The Y will continue to support the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our programs and services, by bringing together people of all races, faiths, economics and backgrounds. We are dedicated to creating opportunities that make our organization a place where equity is embraced, and diversity and inclusion are celebrated.


Message from our
Chief Executive Officer

The YMCA of South Florida is an inclusive organization made up of people of all ages, races, backgrounds and abilities. There is no place in our organization or community for racism, prejudice, hatred or violence against any group of people.

Our mission is to empower all people to reach their fullest potential in spirit, mind, and body. Now, more than ever, we must be inclusive and intentional in building cultures and practices that foster a sense of belonging. We must help create a world where everyone is heard, respected, and given the same basic human and civil rights as others.

The Y has always been a place where we bring people of all different backgrounds together for the good of the community. As an organization, we will continue to be a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, and a Champion for Alll

Sheryl A. Woods
President & CEO
YMCA of South Florida

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