Bonaventure Town Center, Weston FL Saddle Club Rd, Weston, FL

All Veterans and their families are invited to join our virtual service with guest speakers and much more! Save the date below to continue to get more information as the date comes closer! We look forward to sharing this experiences with you all. Thank you!

19th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspirational Weekend 2023

We are excited and humbled to announce Reverend James M. Lawson will be our 2021 Inspirational Keynote Speaker. A key figure in the US Civil Rights movement, United Methodist pastor and activist James M. Lawson is known as the "architect of the nonviolence movement" in America. Lawson was a close ally to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and trained the young people whose peaceful witness at lunch counters in the South sought to end racial discrimination in businesses and public places.