Fitness Goals, Meet Fitness Classes

Fitness Goals, Meet Fitness Classes

New year, new goals! With most resolutions including healthier and more active lifestyles, fitness classes are in the spotlight. They’re a great way to get in your daily sweat session, while having fun and being social. And the YMCA of South Florida has the class for you.

Trending Fitness Classes

For those looking to get their hearts pumping and muscles working, HIIT classes are the way to go. HIIT, or “High Intensity Interval Training,” is a series of cardiovascular exercises alternating between intense aerobic exercises and periods of rest. Because of their intensity, these classes are typically only half an hour. One thing’s for sure: they’ll be the most thrilling 30 minutes of your day!

There’s a reason why cycling classes are so in-demand these days – they pump up the volume and your heart rate! Hop onto your bike and let go of every stress and worry you might have had walking in. For 45 minutes, you’ll pedal fast, raise your resistance, ride slow, stand up, sit down… this fitness class mixes things up and always keeps it interesting!

Take your workout up a notch with a Zumba class. This non-traditional workout party packs a huge punch. Get your heart going with up-beat music and dance your way to great health. It won’t even feel like you’re working out… And you might even learn a new dance move or two.

Plié, Passé, Relevé… Go back to your ballet days and enjoy a Barre class. While this fitness class is ballet-inspired, it’s definitely not the typical ballet you might have in mind. Moves are intensified to ignite your core and really get your muscles burning. Work out muscles you never even knew existed and leave your class feeling sore but satisfied!

Yoga is an oldie but a goodie. Work on your strength, stamina, and flexibility with an empowering yoga class. Aside from promoting physical health, yoga is a recommended method to relieve stress and improve mental health, leaving you feeling lighter and happier.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way — and there are definitely multiple ways to achieve your fitness goals. Fitness classes have done away with the idea that a successful workout solely consists of lifting weights and doing hundreds of crunches. There’s a fitness class to suit every age, personality, and fitness level. For the ultimate fitness class schedule, visit the Downtown Miami YMCA. Crushing goals and getting healthier has never been easier!