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You will be measured, body fat assessment taken before the first day of bootcamp and then after the last day. Goals will be set in each week and tested again on the last week to see your progress.

Every Bootcamp we have proven results – weight loss, Bodyfat % loss, inches lost, BMI lowered and strength and fitness GAINED!
We are here to support, have fun and smash goals! Expect results and New Friends


Summer Session:

Session 3| Bootcamp Aug 16 – Sep 10, 2021

Fall Sessions:

Session 1 | September 20th thru October 15th 
Session 2 | October 25th thru Nov. 19th 
Session 3 | November 29th thru Dec. Dec. 24th.

Winter Sessions

Session 1 | January 3rd thru Jan. 28th.
Session 2 |  Feb. 7th thru March 4th 
Session 3 |March 14th thru April 8th  

Spring Sessions

Session 1 | April 18th thru May 13th   
Session 2 | May 23rd thru June 17th.  

Monday – Friday  |  8:30 AM and 5:45 PM
(45 minute per session)

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