Kick Up The Fun With Soccer For Kids At The Y!

Kick Up The Fun With Soccer For Kids At The Y!

Soccer for kids offers a wealth of benefits for the kids who play as well as the entire family. The YMCA youth soccer league aligns with our overarching mission to create programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all as well as supporting strong kids, family bonds and communities on the soccer field and off. The YMCA South Florida proudly offers soccer programs at the Pembroke Pines YMCA and the Village of Allapattah YMCA. If you’re not ready to sign your young family members up yet, let’s examine all the reasons your kids should be playing soccer at the Y this season.

6 Reasons Soccer for Kids Should Be a Top Priority

  1. Develops Cognitive Skills – Soccer for kids is a proven way to propel cognitive skills forward. Skills like hand-eye coordination, fast-thinking skills and body awareness all become sharper due to soccer training. This cognitive development has been shown to improve test scores and set kids up for success throughout their school years.


  1. Increases Fitness Level – Soccer is a highly-active sport that gets your heart rate up and helps you stay in top physical shape, no matter what your age. As schools continue to reduce recess time and video games become increasingly popular, kids are more sedentary than ever. Also, as the national childhood obesity rises to 18.5%, it is more important than ever before for kids to get moving.


  1. Improves Overall Health Soccer for kids keeps them running up and down the field on a regular basis during games and practice. Being physically active regularly offers many health advantages in addition to fitness, such as building a stronger immune system, increasing focus and lower disease rates (such as diabetes and obesity-related issues). Physical activity like soccer can also improve mood, reduce conditions such as depression and anxiety.


  1. Teaches Leadership and Sportsmanship – Soccer for kids learn how to be a part of a team. Even if your young family member never scores a goal or wins a game, he or she will learn an important lesson about what it means to be a part of a team, to operate as a group and experience the comradery. Kids who play soccer learn how to be good sports when they win and lost as well as face the consequences if they break the rules.


  1. Promotes Self-esteem – Playing a team sport can help elevate the self-esteem for kids who play. Playing in front of a crowd helps your kids build up confidence. Scoring a goal, making a pass and blocking a goal can help them build up that self-esteem that will last long after the whistle is blown.


  1. Reduces Screen Time – Technology is a pervasive element in today’s parenting landscape. Soccer for kids can distract kids from the iPhone, iPad and game consoles that steal so much of their focus.


YMCA South Florida offers soccer for kids from ages five to 12, at all skill levels. Signing your young family members up for soccer can help them become healthier in their physical bodies, improve their emotional wellbeing and overall health. And, if that isn’t enough, playing soccer can help bring families together – creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Sign up for soccer for kids at the YMCA South Florida today!