New Decade, New You – Start Something New At The Y

New Decade, New You – Start Something New at the Y

The close of 2019 marks the close of a decade, and, with the right gym membership, it can mark the start of a new you! Your choice to amp up your fitness is a good one. Even as our lives continue to grow busier and more stressful, the case mounts for the importance of adding more exercise into our lives. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion recommends the following as a baseline for adults in good health:

  • 150-300 minutes per week of exercise at moderate intensity
  • 75-100 minutes per week of exercise at vigorous-intensity (aerobic levels)
  • Or, a combination of both, preferably spread out through the week

For even more fitness-related health benefits, the ODPHP recommends:

  • Five hours of moderate-intensity physical activity per week
  • Muscle-strengthening activity for all major muscle group two or more days per week

A gym membership that offers a myriad of exercise options, a flexible schedule and an affordable price tag is in order to accomplish these fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the right gym membership, however, can be a challenge with so many fitness options in today’s marketplace, from large gyms to boutique fitness classes to the latest home fitness craze. The good news is your search just got easier. The YMCA of South Florida offers something for everyone at every fitness level – AND at an affordable price.

Start 2020 Off With a Gym Membership That Has It All


Swimming is one of the best workouts available. A gym membership that offers swimming classes, recreational swim teams and water fitness classes can help you shred your fitness goals. You can work on heart rate training, build muscles and burn fat in the pool – all without any impact on your joints. Swimming is great for all ages, skill levels and accommodates those with limited range of motion or those with bad knees or bad backs.

Wellness Orientations 

A good thing to look for in your next gym membership is an initial and ongoing wellness orientation program. It’s important to get schooled by the experts on how to use the cardio and weight lifting equipment in the gym to ensure you are safe as well as get the best results from your fitness efforts. 

Group Exercise Classes

Fitness goals are often easier to achieve group classes rather than solo. Why? Workouts are created by the class leader to generate results, and class members are more likely to push themselves harder in the group setting rather than when working out solo. As an added bonus in the group fitness setting, you might even make a few new friends! 

Youth Fitness and Sports

An active lifestyle is best when it starts at a young age. Your gym membership at the YMCA of South Florida comes with access to world-class youth fitness facilities and sports programs. We’re focused on helping the younger members of your family set the foundation for a healthy life.

Personal Training

Personal training can be the element that takes your fitness goals from plateau to finish line. A personal training program integrated in your gym membership personalizes workouts, tracks progress and even advises on best types of exercises and dietary goals.

With so many options to choose from, your perfect gym membership awaits at the YMCA of South Florida. The YMCA brings a robust menu of exercise choices to your community for every fitness level and for all members of your family. They’re designed to keep you working toward a healthier lifestyle on the New Year and year-round.

Find the perfect gym membership for you and your family today at the YMCA of South Florida.