Written by Lori Frisard

Family Medicine Physician at Memorial Primary Care Hallandale
TESTIMONIAL – COVID19 – CHILDCARE - Written by Lori Frisard, Family Medicine Physician at Memorial Primary Care Hallandale

Letter 1

As a dual parent household with two young children, both boys ages 3 1/2 and 5 1/2, COVID-19 has directly affected our lives. One parent works as a Family Medicine Physician at Memorial Primary Care Hallandale and the other parent is a full-time online student at Florida International University. When a crisis occurs and a stay at home order becomes mandatory because of a pandemic, lives do not just stop. Work and school must go on and the Hollywood‎ YMCA has been an integral part of our lives during this time. Our youngest boy was already in Preschool at the Hollywood YMCA and our older boy was in Kindergarten at Hollywood Central Elementary. When the Broward County School System closed, our 5 1/2 year-old was able to tagalong with his brother at the YMCA Preschool, but once the YMCA closed we would have had no other options. Fortunately, the Hollywood YMCA was there for us exactly when we needed them.

We have lived in Hollywood Florida for over 10 years and have been members of the YMCA of South Florida for three years. We feel blessed to be a part of such a giving community and feel very fortunate that we were able to benefit in this time of need. Our children are able to live normal lives and go to school every day. Our Kindergartner is able to do his virtual school classes while he is attending camp. Our 3 1/2-year-old continues to be in the same preschool classroom with his wonderful teachers whom he loves. Thank you Hollywood YMCA for being there for us!

Letter 2

This letter is in reference to Marianna Novak whom we have known for over three years. We became members of the YMCA of South Florida over three years ago and our children were very young. Our youngest was five months old and our oldest was 2 1/2 years old. We were trepidations to put either of them into Childwatch, however, the Childwatch employees made us feel right at home from the very beginning. There is one special employee that stands out above the rest and that is Marianna Novak. She has watched our children grow over the years and they love her. Honestly! They are so happy and excited to see her and she makes things fun for them. Now that she is instructing our 3 1/2-year-old in the YMCA preschool for essential workers we have been able to see what an amazing teacher she is. She is instructing our youngest son and sending writing sheets home to help him practice his writing every day. She is keeping us updated with pictures and videos and we feel very safe and confident with his care there. Not only do our children love her, but we love her. Thank you Miss Ana!