How does being part of the Y impact your life and what does that mean to you?

Being a part of the Y is like being in a big diverse family. It’s a place where you feel loved and it’s somewhere where we don’t make any judgements towards anyone who walks through our doors. I enjoy working here, I have so many opportunities to change and impact today’s youth. Everyday I have the chance to make someone smile and that means a lot to me! The YMCA of South Florida is amazing and I’m thankful for what they do.

Joriame Denoi

YMCA COVID-19 Financial Assistance- Ms D Testimonial

From: Ms. D
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2020 1:32 PM
To: Marketa Knight
Subject: Re: YMCA COVID-19 Financial Assistance

oh my god i want to thank you guys so so much. Please on my behalf thank everyone i so depressed and stressed. I have no family at all cause i grew in foster care and after leaving my abusive marriage and starting all over again has been an up hill battle itself. im still trying ! all of you were so kind and sweet and understanding may god bless each and every one of you guys. Thank again