The Y is committed to raising awareness around the preventable tragedy that is youth drowning. Swim lessons are an essential part of keeping kids safe in and around the water, but there’s no substitution for parental or adult supervision. Often times when everyone is watching the kids; that means no one is watching the kids. There should always be someone designated to watch the kids, especially when they’re around water.


Help us increase water safety awareness within the community.  The more we get the word out, the more likely we are to prevent another death.

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Water Safety Month Messages & Tips.

Water Safety Month

Be a Water Watcher – 3 Layers of Drowning Prevention

So you think your child can Swim?

98 drownings in 2021

Jenny’s story

Jenny was a one-of-a kind 12-year-old child. She was smart, energetic, beautiful and blessed with a loving family. Unfortunately, Jenny did not know how to swim. She lost her life when she drowned at a friend’s birthday party. The Swim for Jenny fund was created as a reminder of the importance of learning how to swim. Please help Swim for Jenny and the YMCA of South Florida save lives!

With your support, we can prevent drownings by providing free swim lessons, water safety awareness and education for our South Florida community. Ask us about our Swim for Jenny – Free lessons offered each year during Spring Break.


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Water Safety Tips

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages 5 to 14, with children from communities of color at greatest risk. With National Water Safety Month in May and summer around the corner, now is a great time for parents to remember the importance equipping children with essential water safety skills. The Y offers water safety and swim lessons year-round to help reduce the risk of childhood drowning and develop a lifelong love of swimming.

Before letting your children hit the water this summer, remember these few tips to ensure it’s an enjoyable and safe experience.

Never swim alone.

Teach your children that they should only swim in locations where a lifeguard is on duty.

  Supervise your children whenever they’re in water.

Whether it’s bath time or taking a dip in a pool or lake, make sure your children are within arm’s reach at all times.

Don’t engage in breath holding activities. 

Children shouldn’t hold their breath for a prolonged amount of time while swimming, as this can cause drowning and has several other severe physical side-effects.

Wear a Life Jacket

Inexperienced or non-swimmers should wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Don’t jump in the water to save a friend who is struggling in deep water. 

If a child finds their friend in deep water unexpectedly, they should “reach, throw, don’t go.” Use a long object to reach for them and pull them to safety. They can help their friend without compromising their own safety.

 Enroll your children in water safety or swim lessons.

Just like teaching your children to look both ways before they cross the street, participating in formal water safety lessons teaches them an important life skill.

Learn more about the AQUATICS PROGRAM at the Y.