Health & Wellness - HLO


Healthy Living Orientation (HLO) is a complimentary 60-minute appointment, specifically for our YMCA members. It is designed to provide every member with an individualized, comprehensive understanding of their personal health, using standard, industry-based assessments. The purpose of the HLO is to help each member achieve their fitness goals, while supported by our professional, certified and encouraging staff.


All of our professional personal trainers are board certified and complete the HLO appointment with the members. As an organization we require all of our personal trainers to maintain the appropriate licenses and certifications, as well as continuing education requirements. We also provide in-house education for our personal trainers to reinforce their ongoing education.

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We recognize the uniqueness of our members. With the information obtained in the HLO, our professional staff are able to plan a course of action for each member. Every member can be provided with individualized recommendations regarding their health and advice on fitness related concerns, within their scope of practice.


We strive to accommodate the schedule of each member and want the appointment to be best suited to their lives. Every effort is made to accommodate a date and time which works for the schedule of the member.


At each branch, we have a designated private area to complete the HLO. This allows the member to discuss their personal fitness goals and other pertinent information related to their health and well-being.


The HLO provides the member with an understanding of their current levels of strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Through our screening process, we learn about the mobility and stability of each member. Therefore, we can recommend safe and appropriate routines for the member, when using the facility.