What To Look For In Your Child’s Swim School

What to Look for in Your Child’s Swim School

With pools in almost every backyard and close proximity to the coastline, it’s no wonder there are many swimming classes in Miami offered at numerous facilities. If you’ve already started to sift through the countless swim school choices in the area, it can feel overwhelming as you attempt to pick the best one for your child.


Whether you have an infant who will be splashing around for the first time or a kid who lives in the pool and wants to learn more advanced strokes, it’s important to choose swim classes that are safe, challenging, and fun for your child. So, how do you know if you’re choosing a quality swim school in your area? Here are the five top factors to consider when signing your child up for swim classes.


1.    Does the school employ trained and certified professional instructors?

The instructors who teach at a swim school should have impressive credentials. Not only should they be trained in CPR, first aid, and oxygen administration, they should also have specific swim instruction training. A swim school certification confirms that the instructors will follow a curriculum so your child will adequately learn important swimming skills.


When you’re looking into swimming classes in Miami, ask about instructor certifications and lesson curriculum. Not only should the lessons be beneficial for sharpening your child’s water safety skills, but you should also make sure you think they’ll be fun for your child. After all, you want your kid to have fun in the water so he or she stays active and wants to continue learning.


Fun, caring, and friendly swim school instructors will make sure your child doesn’t fear the water and has a blast learning essential water safety skills. Instructors with experience and the right credentials will know how to keep your child engaged, learning, and having a great time at every lesson.


2.    Do the swimming classes focus on safety?

While having fun is important, swim classes should also focus on safety in the water. If your child isn’t experienced in the pool, you should only consider beginner lessons. These swimming classes should emphasize getting your child comfortable in the water and creating healthy and safe habits by the pool.


When you build these important and life-saving skills first, it ensures your child won’t panic if he or she ever experiences a water-related emergency. Beginner swimming instructors should be focused on making sure your kid knows how to:


  • Ask for permission before entering the water.
  • Jump into the water and get back out safely.
  • Perform simple swimming strokes to make it to the edge of the pool quickly.

If your child already has some experience in the water, the best swimming classes will still stress the importance of water safety. These classes should teach your child about water safety etiquette, including what to do if someone who isn’t a good swimmer falls into the water.


3.    Is a lesson package offered instead of a single session?

Whether your child is an avid swimmer or just learning to dip his or her toes in the water, swimming classes in Miami should be offered in packages. A single lesson won’t provide your child with all the skills he or she needs to master swimming and feel comfortable in the water.


One hour of instruction simply isn’t enough for your child to learn a concept, practice it, and show that he or she has mastered the skill. With a lesson package, your child can progress from understanding how to make it to the edge of the pool to mastering stroke technique, and everything in between.


When a swim instructor has multiple lessons with one child, he or she has time to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the water. This allows the instructor to focus on specific skills to ensure your child progresses and feels confident in the water by the last lesson.


4.    Are there clear and measurable safety goals set for the swimming classes?

When it comes to your child’s swimming school, you may have different goals than other parents. Maybe you want your child to perfect the butterfly stroke, or you’d simply like to ensure your child knows how to properly float. You and your child can set these goals together and track the progress with every lesson. When it comes to choosing a quality swim school, however, there should be measurable and clear safety goals set for every student.


Swim schools that emphasize student safety won’t let students move on to more advanced swim classes until they prove they can perform certain safety techniques. For example, swim schools should ensure a child has mastered and can easily demonstrate water stamina, acclimation, and movement before he or she can graduate from basic swim lessons to more advanced instruction.


Setting these measurable safety goals ensures your child has learned to master basic water practices, such as swimming to the edge of the pool. Once your child has conquered these important skills, he or she has a healthy baseline for water safety and can move on to learning other techniques.


5.    Does the facility seem well-maintained and the pool water clean?

If you’re looking for the best swim school for your child, cleanliness should also be a factor you consider. The facility should be well-maintained and there should be a lifeguard on duty in the pool area at all times. The pool water should also meet basic cleanliness standards. Swim schools are required to check the pH levels in their pool water periodically to ensure it meets health regulations.


Take a look at the locker room and pool deck to ensure these areas are also clean. To keep your child safe, the pool deck shouldn’t be too slippery and equipment should be put away. Pool equipment, such as paddles and kickboards, should also be in good condition. If your child will be using this equipment, take a peek at it before signing up for swimming lessons.


The YMCA Aquatics Program

Quality swimming classes in Miami are offered at several YMCA locations, including Greater Hollywood, Homestead, Weston, Pembroke Pines, and Hallandale Beach. You’ll be impressed with these spotless facilities, not to mention the sparkling clean pool water and friendly staff. Swimming lesson packages are available at the Y, so your child can spend the time he or she needs to truly master crucial swimming skills.


The swim classes are also organized by student skill level. This allows you to choose your child’s swimming skill level so the certified instructor can build on this skillset and increase your child’s confidence in the water. Personalized attention ensures your child isn’t left behind and he or she has fun in the water while learning important safety techniques. When your child demonstrates mastery of specific water safety skills, he or she can move on to learning more advanced stroke techniques and may eventually participate on the Y’s competitive swim team.


Whether you simply want to ensure your child knows how to handle being in the water or you’re looking to train the next Michael Phelps, the Y can provide you with a lesson package that will help you accomplish you and your child’s goals. Ready to sign your child up for the best swimming classes in Miami? Click here to learn more about the aquatics program at the YMCA of South Florida.