Inside Look At A YMCA Summer

Inside Look at a YMCA Summer

Summer is here and that means kids summer camp and the top swimming programs in Florida are back at the YMCA of South Florida! Camp is a time-tested tradition that promotes empowerment for kids. It allows children to discover their potential through fun and enjoyable activities. Plus, the big kids (yes, mom and dad) can have loads of fun too with an abundance of exercise class options and adult sports too.

If kids summer camp is on your radar, though, check out some of the great program offerings!

YMCA Kids Summer Camp

  1. Summer power preschool.

    Keep the little ones busy with writing, rhyming and math skills. The age range in this program is built for kids aged 24 months to 5 years; it keeps them engaged with weekly activities beyond the above, including arts and crafts, nature studies and more.

  2. Gymnastics.

    Gymnastics is considered a beautiful, creative activity, and you guessed it – the YMCA of South Florida offers classes for kids summer camp. The sport provides benefits to children by giving them strength, flexibility, alertness and more. With the help of gymnastics, children can learn to have control over certain challenges they may face outside of class too!

  3. Youth sports.

    Generally, the effect of sports on kids can teach them the value of teamwork and communication. This could help them when they find themselves in demanding situations. Empowering youths to perform in sports activities can help kids and teens alike to be fit and keep a healthy lifestyle. Medically, sports can also help in reducing chances of heart disease, risk of obesity, and promotes healthy growth of bones and muscles.

  4. Aquatics.

    The YMCA offers plenty of youth swim classes and lessons for new swimmers as the top swimming program in Florida. But adults can get on the action too! Water training can develop muscle strength when the body pushes and pulls in the water. The reduction of pressure on the joints by the buoyancy of the water can improve cardiovascular fitness too, without causing injury. Live in Pembroke Pines? The aquatic center there offers swim lessons, swimming fitness class and it also features its very own family-friendly splash park!

  5. Stuff for adults.       

    Okay, we get it – the kids have all the fun. But adults can too! The YMCA of South Florida is packed with adult group exercise classes, world class weight training and cardio equipment. And there’s flexibility to enjoy the facilities or lounge by the pool while the children are at summer camp. Sure, the kids are having fun, but they’re also under someone else’s care while they’re here – and that means more “me time” for parents.

Camp at the YMCA offers activities for everyone and is a great way for your kids to try new sports and aquatic activities while making lifelong friendships. Ready to kick off kids summer camp the right way? Click here to learn more.