YMCA – The Capital Campaign

YMCA – The Capital Campaign

“We are a powerful association of men, women, and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility. Every day has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.”

The YMCA has a rich history of community outreach. Over the decades we’ve inspired strength and established unity in communities nationwide.

When looking back on our heritage, it’s clear how much more we can still achieve…

And that’s a good thing!

It means we are making strides forward! With each success there comes opportunities to do more. Each new project is only made possible by an achievement.

Basically… our mission is never complete. We will always find new, better ways to give back to the community.

Youth, family, and community are our legacies.

The YMCA upholds an ongoing commitment to connecting communities and developing youth through honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. When we looked at Fort Lauderdale, FL we saw an opportunity to do something great.

After realizing the needs of the community, it was clear that one new YMCA Center would not be enough… We would need to link communities to impact the situation, and that would require a pair of YMCA Centers.

Planned for Holiday Park and Sistrunk, these two new YMCA Centers will improve the lives of some 30,000 individuals. They will bridge obstacles set to divide the youth and gather families and community leaders around a shared purpose. These centers will help us continue to instill good character and develop strong moral fiber in our youth.

More importantly…

By rallying community leaders, uniting neighbors, and establishing trust across cultures we will provide a safe haven for children built around a culture of respect.

Looking Towards the Future

We have a responsibility to do this for Fort Lauderdale. The Capital Campaign will link local communities through trust and responsibility. It will create new opportunities for youth and families. And will build avenues towards a better tomorrow.